sftp command

sftp is a client application provided by SSH, which is mainly used to access FTP securely. Because FTP is a non-encrypted protocol and is very insecure, sftp is equivalent to putting FTP into SSH.

The following command connects to the FTP host.

$ sftp username@hostname

Execute the above command, you will be asked to enter the FTP password. After the password verification is successful, the FTP prompt sftp> will appear. The following is an example.

$ sftp USER@penguin.example.com
USER@penguin.example.com's password:
Connected to penguin.example.com.

Below the FTP prompt, you can enter various FTP commands. This part is exactly the same as the traditional FTP usage.

  • ls [directory]: List the contents of a remote directory. If the target directory is not specified, the current directory will be listed by default.
  • cd directory: change from the current directory to the specified directory.
  • mkdir directory: Create a remote directory.
  • rmdir path: Delete a remote directory.
  • put localfile [remotefile]: transfer local file to remote host.
  • get remotefile [localfile]: The remote file is transferred to the local.
  • help: Display help information.
  • bye: Exit sftp.
  • quit: Quit sftp.
  • exit: Exit sftp.